Lailokens Awen

Shawn Hebert, owner and creator of Lailokens Awen products, is a practicing Druid Hermeticist, Clinical Aromatherapist and Herbalist.

His introduction to the use of essential oils and herbs came with his first tentative steps on the Pagan path.  Shawn learned of their energetic properties and associations, and how to incorporate them into ritual and spell work.  With his education in aromatherapy and herbalism, he studied not only their therapeutic properties, but also their energetic properties.  

As well as compounding blends based on their energetic properties, he take the creation process one step further and utilize the energies of the universe around us by creating each product on the appropriate day, during the appropriate hour, and even during the proper phase of the moon and time of the year.  This allows him to create the most potent, energetic products!

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